Revolutionizing Glaucoma Detection

With AI-powered VR headset, we aim to make early glaucoma detection accessible and affordable.

Join us in our mission to prevent blindness worldwide.
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Discover How We Are Revolutionizing Glaucoma Detection with AI

Explore the Power of Our Cutting-Edge Solutions
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    Intelligent Detection for Early Signs of Glaucoma

    Our state-of-the-art AI algorithms accurately detect the earliest signs of glaucoma, providing actionable insights for effective treatment and prevention.
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    Immersive Testing for Accurate Diagnosis and Monitoring

    Experience our cutting-edge VR headset that offers a comprehensive visual field test for accurate diagnosis and continuous monitoring of glaucoma progression.

80 million people worldwide have glaucoma

Understanding the Silent Thief of Sight that causes permanent blindness

Anyone can develop glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions affecting over 80 million people worldwide, making it the second leading cause of blindness.

Early Detection is Key

Glaucoma often has no symptoms until significant vision loss has occurred, but early detection and treatment can help prevent severe vision loss.

Revolutionizing Glaucoma Detection

Our AI-powered VR headset enables early detection of glaucoma, potentially preventing severe vision loss. It's a game-changer in managing this silent thief of sight.

At FullVision AI, every line of code we write, every algorithm we develop, and every partnership we forge is a step closer to a world free from the unforeseen perils of glaucoma. Join us as we journey towards a brighter, clearer future for all.

Products that we are building

Explore our range of innovative solutions.

GlaucoDetect VRDetection

Our flagship VR headset for early glaucoma detection.


Monitor your patients' progress with our advanced software.

Addressing the Global Glaucoma Crisis

Across developing nations, millions silently slip into blindness due to undetected glaucoma, a condition often unnoticed until too late. Challenged by limited awareness, scarce healthcare access, and financial constraints, they're ensnared by a preventable fate. 

FullVision's Mission: We believe sight is a right, not a privilege. With our GlaucoDetect VR:

  • Affordable and Accessible: Bringing cost-effective glaucoma detection to every corner.
  • Educate and Empower: Spreading awareness, promoting prevention, and ensuring everyone understands the signs and importance of regular eye checks.
  • Community Ties: Partnering with local entities for an integrated approach, ensuring our solutions resonate at the grassroots level.

What experts are saying about GlaucoDetect

Dr. Naveen Shankar

Having spent years witnessing the devastating aftermath of undetected glaucoma, the advent of GlaucoDetect VR is nothing short of revolutionary. It bridges a crucial gap, making glaucoma detection not only more accurate but, most importantly, accessible to all. I truly believe GlaucoDetect has the potential to transform global ocular health, turning the tide in our battle against this silent thief of sight. 


Join Us in the Fight Against Glaucoma

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