Our Mission

 At FullVision AI, we envision a world where vision remains uncompromised, a world where the stealthy progression of glaucoma doesn't steal the sight of unsuspecting individuals. Our mission is clear and unwavering: to revolutionize glaucoma detection using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. We aim to bring accessible, precise, and early detection to every corner of the globe, especially in regions where vision tests remain a luxury and countless individuals are plunged into darkness due to undetected glaucoma. 

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Meet Our Founder: Manas Joshi


The driving force behind FullVision AI, Manas Joshi, is an AI luminary whose expertise and passion fuel our vision. With a profound background in artificial intelligence, Manas recognized the transformative potential of AI in the realm of ophthalmology.

Witnessing firsthand the devastating repercussions of untreated glaucoma in underserved communities, Manas embarked on a journey to bridge the chasm between technological advancement and critical healthcare needs. His profound understanding of AI, combined with a deep empathy for those affected by glaucoma, laid the foundation for FullVision AI.

Under Manas's guidance, our team continually pushes the boundaries, seeking not just to innovate but to create meaningful and lasting impact. His belief is simple: In the age of technology, no one should be left in the dark due to preventable vision loss.

Our Commitment

FullVision AI is more than just a company; we are a movement. A movement to bring awareness, technology, and hope to those at risk of glaucoma. We're deeply committed to:

  • Accessibility: Making vision tests universally accessible, ensuring no one is deprived of early detection due to geographical or economic barriers.
  • Innovation: Continually refining our AI models to stay at the forefront of glaucoma detection, ensuring the highest accuracy and reliability.
  • Community: Building partnerships worldwide to amplify our reach, educate communities, and empower them to take charge of their visual health.